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Researching Your Workplace
Efficiency improvement - Workplace Optimization - Process compliancy

About Me

I am an innovative cross-functional team leader, and have over 34 years of experience in the federal government dealing with efficiency improvement, process reengineering and government compliance. I also have a Master of Laws in Administrative Law with York University Osgoode Hall Law School.


I possess extensive expertise in research planning, conducting reviews and investigations, and providing procedural guidance within an administrative regulatory context. This encompasses the ability to develop recommendations to address inconsistencies, enhance existing processes, and propose efficient reorganization.


My objective is to foster a collaborative approach to interdepartmental negotiation and facilitate the seamless co-functioning of business processes and organizational relationships.

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Carl Charbonneau CEO at Inquest


At INQUEST.INC, our purpose is to assist you in establishing an efficient, optimized and legislative compliant workplace. In order to do that, you need to have aligned objectives, processes and policies. 
The problem is the people working in the organization have biases and an incomplete scope of the whole system of the organization.  This leads to incomplete information, divergent views on organizational structure and conflicting priorities. This can be discouraging when all the hard work that each individual invests into themselves and into your organization is hindered. 
You need an independent and impartial outsider to create a transparent picture of the organization and provide unbiased findings and recommendations.  As an outsider, we come in and conduct objective and fair research of your organization to offer a fresh view on the possible issues at hand and possible solutions. 
We offer a range of services to support your organization.  These include administrative investigation, workplace assessment, organizational review, and procedural guidance on legislation, regulations, and directives.  

The scope of all our projects is personalized but it always follows this 3 step process:

Collating Data

Once you work with us, then you will be able to finally untangle the points of contention and inconsistencies, and start creating an efficient, optimized and process compliant workplace.

Design Studio
"We always strive to be professional and maintain confidentiality throughout the entire process.  All of our processes are conducted in a fair, independent and impartial manner to deliver a product that will be of great benefit to your organization."

Carl Charbonneau

CEO at Inquest

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